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Mozile's Current Condition

There are four different series of Mozile development:

Mozile can be used as a set of server-side scripts or as a browser extension. Different series focus on either one or both.

Mozile 0.8 - Sever-Side, Cross-Browser

The latest version of Mozile is still under development. It is designed to work in most modern browsers, and currently works under Firefox 1.5 and Internet Explorer 6. See the overview and documentation for more information. You can also see a demonstration of the current code.

Current Version: 0.8.0a1 [Download]


See the contribution page for ways you can help improve Mozile 0.8.

Mozile 0.7 - Sever-Side and Extension

This version of Mozile works in most recent Mozilla browsers, and can be used server-side or as an extension. Both server-side and extension use the same code base, except for minor differences. See the documentation for more information. Also see the Change Log.

Mozile 0.7 is available in server-side "zip" files, extension "xpi" files, and "devel" versions for developers.

Current Version: 0.7.6


Bug fixes and minor maintenance only. Please consider using Mozile 0.8.

Mozile 0.6 - Extension

This version of Mozile makes full use of Firefox's extensions system. The Mozile editing features are implemented as a toolbar overlay and XUL windows. The main text editing features are stable with few bugs.

Refer to the Use page for links to documentation and the latest releases.

Plans - Jan 2007

Complete testing and tidying up of save routines (especially WebDAV) and online documentation. Possibly look at improving the cut and paste features, and an interface to external Javascript modules to add extra image editing capabilities.

Mozile 0.5 - Server-Side Version

This version of Mozile has not been under development for several years. More recent versions should provide most, if not all, of the Mozile 0.5 functionality and have many improvements.

Current: V0.52

A minor upgrade to 0.5 - a configuration file, navigation improvements, clear separation of 3rd party function

The mozile project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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