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Welcome to Mozile, the WYSIWYG XHTML editor for Mozilla! This document describes the localization of Mozile, such as it is.


  1. Mozile Documentation - A General Introduction to Mozile
  2. Mozile Development - Notes on the Development of Mozile
  3. Mozile Content - Notes on the Code behind Mozile
  4. Mozile Locale - Notes on the Localization of Mozile
  5. Mozile Skin - Notes on the Styling of Mozile


  1. Mozile DTD

Mozile Locale

Mozile DTD

Mozile uses a Document Type Definition (DTD) file to allow for internationalization of the tool bar. The mozile.dtd file defines a large number of entities, and associates text strings with them. The Mozile tool bar includes this DTD, and refers the entities, which are then translated. By providing other DTD files users in other languages will be able to read the tool bar.

James A. Overton - - 2004-06-20

The mozile project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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