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Welcome to Mozile, the WYSIWYG XHTML editor for Mozilla! This document describes the Mozile content, a directory full of JavaScript, XML, and XUL files of different sorts. This is where all the hard work gets done for Mozile.


  1. Mozile Documentation - A General Introduction to Mozile
  2. Mozile Development - Notes on the Development of Mozile
  3. Mozile Content - Notes on the Code behind Mozile
  4. Mozile Locale - Notes on the Localization of Mozile
  5. Mozile Skin - Notes on the Styling of Mozile


  1. File Layout
  2. Mozile Main
  3. eDOM
  4. MES
  5. Saving
  6. XUL

Mozile Content

File Layout

The Mozile code is separated into several directories, and further separated into files which contain functions on a single theme. Look in these directories for the source code:

  • main contains the majority of the Mozile code. If it doesn't make sense to look put the code somewhere else, this is where it goes,
  • eDOM contains the eDOM code, which extends the normal DOM to allow inline editing,
  • mes contains Mozile Editing Schemes,
  • saving contains the code needed to access the local file system or WebDAV in order to save files,
  • XUL contains the XUL files that describe Mozile's user interface (UI).

Mozile Main

The main directory contains most of the JavaScript files which make Mozile work. Below are brief descriptions:


The eDOM directory contains the Editable DOM files which are the core of Mozile. They are,


The mes directory contains Mozile Editing Schemes. There's only one right now, and a commented mock-up:


The saving directory contains the files which facilitate Mozile saving. They are,


The XUL directory contains the files which define the Mozile UI.

James A. Overton - - 2004-06-20

The mozile project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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