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File Summary
core.js Mozile's core properties, methods, and classes.
dojoToolbar.js Provides an HTML toolbar GUI using widgets from the Dojo toolkit: .
dom.js A collection of objects and methods to extend the Document Object Model.
edit.js Tools for basic text editing operations.
enhance.js Allows Mozile code in a web page to take advantage of Mozile's Firefox extension.
event.js DOM Event related methods.
extract.js Tools for extracting XML from HTML using information in a special "xml" attribute.
gui.js Tools for rendering and updating a graphical user interface for Mozile.
htmlToolbar.js Provides an HTML based toolbar GUI.
InsertionPoint.js Tools for editing operations.
InternetExplorerRange.js Provides a W3C Range implementation under Internet Explorer.
InternetExplorerSelection.js Adapts Internet Explorer's Selection object to an interface like Mozilla's.
rich.js Tools for rich editing operations on mark-up.
rng.js This file defines objects for parsing and using RelaxNG schemas.
save.js Tools for saving content using Mozile.
tidy.js Tools for serializing the DOM in a tidy way.
TreeWalker.js An implementation of a TreeWalker for DOM traversal, using basic DOM2 methods.
util.js Shared utilities for the Mozile project.
xml.js Shared utilities for manipulating XML.
xpath.js Shared utilities for using XPath.

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