Mozile Basic Demonstration

This page demonstrates how you can use Mozile version 0.8 without its default GUI and toolbar.

Commands: Strong, Emphasis, Underline, Strong Red, Custom Image

Mozile Basics

Anything within this dashed red border is editable by Mozile. If you are using a current version of the Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox browsers, then you should be able to click here and start typing. Note that other browsers are not supported, and likely will not be supported; Mozile makes use of advanced technology only available from the Mozilla project.

Mozile strives to work very much like a normal word-processor. What can you do? Well, with Mozile's XHTMLBasic module running, you can do most of the things that you can do in a normal word-processor. Try it! You can:

Mozile is designed to be exceptionally configurable. You can create your own commands, which can do anything to your documents that JavaScript, the DOM, and CSS can do. You can also create your own modules, which extend Mozile in any way you like.

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