Mozile Basic Demonstration

This page is a demonstration of the latest version of Mozile version 0.8. Mozile is still in development, so it is not yet feature complete and it still has some bugs. Never-the-less, let's see what Mozile can do!

The demo has been tested with:

It's also expected to work with:

Implemented Not Yet Implemented Known Issues and Notes
  • Text insertion.
  • Delete text and nodes.
  • Split blocks using the "enter" key.
  • Merge blocks using delete keys.
  • Unlimited levels of undo and redo.
  • Insertion point handling.
  • Empty block handling.
  • Element insertion or wrapping.
  • Toolbar interface.
  • Source dump (Command-S).
  • Debugging console (Command-D).
  • Help system and documentation.
  • Saving. Dump source and POST.
  • Copy, cut, paste. (Can't paste from system clipboard.)
  • Support for editing XML documents.
  • Formatting commands (h1, p, div, etc.).
  • Justification commands (left, right, center, full).
  • "Unwrap" mode for wrap commands (i.e. remove bold).
  • Tab and Shift-Tab navigate between block-level elements.
  • Inline white space handling (discussion).
  • Tooltips.
  • Validation.
  • Non-editable areas (partially supported).
  • Drag and drop handling.
  • Lots of other nice features...
  • Not yet optimized for performance.
  • Toolbar menus can float out of view.

(Note: "Command" translates as the "Control" key on Windows and Linux, and the "Apple" key on Mac OS X.)

Firefox users must press F7 to enable an editing cursor.

Mozile Basics

Anything within this dashed red border is editable by Mozile. If you are using a supported browser, then you should be able to click here and start typing.

Mozile strives to work very much like a normal word-processor. What can you do? Well, when editing XHTML you can do most of the things that you can do in a normal word-processor. Try it! You can:

Mozile is designed to be exceptionally configurable. You can create your own commands, which can do anything to your documents that JavaScript, the DOM, and CSS can do.

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