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File Summary
about.xml An "about" dialog for Mozile.
CopyCutPaste.js Allows Mozile to do some basic Copy&Paste operations.
core.js This file defines the core Mozile objects, which are required to allow basic editing and to support the rest of the Mozile system.
core.xml XBL definitions for Mozile editor widgets.
edit.xml Interface for the Edit Source system.
EditSource.js This module allows editing of the HTML/XML source ofthe current element.
extension.css CSS rules for the Mozile Extension.
extension.js JavaScript code for controlling the Mozile Extension.
firefoxOverlay.xul An XUL overlay for Firefox and the Mozile Extension.
HTTPPost.js This module is used to save documents via HTTP POST.
interface.css This file defines the basic CSS style rules for the Mozile interface elements.
interface.js This extends "core.js" to include interface elements such as a toolbar, several popup dialogs, as well as configurable commands.
loader.js This file configures the loading of Mozile into the Mozile Extensions.
LocalFile.js A module used for saving files to a local file system.
message.xml A "message" dialog for Mozile.
mozile.js This file is used to configure and load Mozile.
mozillaOverlay.xul An XUL overlay for the Mozilla browser and the Mozile Extension.
options.xul An "options" dialog for the Mozile Extension.
save.xml A "Save As" dialog for Mozile.
savemsg.xml Interface for the HTTPPost system.
source.xml A "source" dialog for Mozile.
status.xml Mozile's statusbar.
TestModule1.js A very simple test module.
TestModule2.js A very simple test module.
UndoRedo.js Allows Mozile to store a stack of past document states, and restore them on command.
warning.xul A "warning" dialog for the Mozile Extension which allows the user to choose whether or not to enhance the Mozile editor on a given page.
XHTMLBasic.js The XHTMLBasic modules includes commands derived from the MozileCommand object which allow for editing of HTML and XHTML documents.

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