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Class MozileUnformatCommand


class MozileUnformatCommand
extends MozileCommand

Defined in XHTMLBasic.js

Constructor Summary
MozileUnformatCommand (<String> configString)
            Mozile Unformat Command Object - This command will remove all formatting from an non-collapsed selection, or remove the wrapper element from around the current node if the selection is collapsed.
Method Summary
 Void execute(<Event> event)
           Executes the command.
 String getTag()
           Gets the tag to be removed, if that option has been set.
 Boolean isAvailable()
           If this command has its "tag" option set, this method checks to see if an ancestor has the matching tag name.
Methods inherited from class MozileCommand
getId, isUndoable, getButton, getMenuitem, isActive, show, hide, update
Methods inherited from class MozileComponent
toString, getName, getConfigString, getOptions, getOption, setOption, _cleanOption

Constructor Detail


MozileUnformatCommand(<String> configString)

Method Detail


Void execute(<Event> event)


String getTag()


Boolean isAvailable()

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