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Class MozileInsertCommand


class MozileInsertCommand
extends MozileCommand

Defined in XHTMLBasic.js

Constructor Summary
MozileInsertCommand (<String> configString)
            Mozile Insert Command - Object - Creates a node according to a custom function called "this.createNode()", and inserts it at the current selection.
Method Summary
 Void execute(<Event> event)
           Executes the command.
Methods inherited from class MozileCommand
getId, isUndoable, getButton, getMenuitem, isAvailable, isActive, show, hide, update
Methods inherited from class MozileComponent
toString, getName, getConfigString, getOptions, getOption, setOption, _cleanOption

Constructor Detail


MozileInsertCommand(<String> configString)

Method Detail


Void execute(<Event> event)

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