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Method Summary
<static> String checkArgument(<String> defaultValue, value)
<static> Object dumpArray(arr)
           Dump Array - Displays the contents of the array in key=>value pairs, using an alert.
<static> Array executeXPath(<String> expression, <Node> node)
           Executes an XPath expression in the context of the document or a node.
<static> Void mozileAddCode(<String> list, <String> code, <String> msg)
           Adds the pair of an enhancementList and enhancementCode entry.
<static> Boolean mozileAddItem(<String> pref, <String> msg)
           Prompts for a value and appends a listitem to the listbox.
<static> Void mozileClearList(<String> pref)
           Removes all children from a list.
<static> void mozileConfiguration()
           Mozile Configuration This function creates Mozile editors.
<static> Void mozileDefaultList(<String> pref)
           Restores the default value for a given preference.
<static> Object mozileHandleBlur(event)
           Mozile Handle Blur - Takes appropriate action when a Mozile editor loses focus: hide the caret and toobar.
<static> Void mozileHandleEvent(event)
           A centralized event handler, which calls other handlers as needed.
<static> Object mozileHandleFocus(event)
           Mozile Handle Focus - Takes appropriate action when a Mozile editor gains focus: shows the caret and toolbar, then sets the currentEditor.
<static> Object mozileHandleKeypress(event)
           Mozile Handle Keypress - Decides what action to take for the given "keypress" event, and calls the appropriate function.
<static> Object mozileHandleKeyup(event)
           Mozile Handle Keyup - Decides what action to take for the given "keyup" event, and calls the appropriate functions: update the toolbar and store the current state for undo/redo.
<static> Object mozileHandleMouseup(event)
           Mozile Handle Mouseup - Takes appropriate action when Mozile detects a mouseup event: show the caret and the toolbar.
<static> void mozileInitialization()
           Mozile Initialization This function inserts a

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