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Welcome to Mozile, the WYSIWYG XHTML editor for Mozilla! This document includes information for using and developing Mozile. It is a work in progress, and we welcome suggestions and contributions.


  1. Mozile Documentation - A General Introduction to Mozile
  2. Mozile Development - Notes on the Development of Mozile
    1. JavaScript - JavaScript resources
    2. DOM - Document Object Model resources
    3. XUL - Extensible User-Interface Language resources
    4. XBL - Extensible Binding Language resources
    5. JSDoc - JSDoc documentation resources
    6. JsUnit - JsUnit testing framework resources
  3. Mozile Design - An explanation of the design of Mozile
    1. Mozile Usage - A description of how Mozile is used (behaviour specification)
    2. Mozile Core - A description of the Mozile Core code
    3. Mozile Modules - A description of the Mozile Modules
    4. Mozile Server-Side - A description of the Mozile Server-Side code
    5. Mozile Extension - A description of the Mozile Extension code

(All Documentation in a Single File)


  1. Mozile Modules
    1. What is a Mozile Module?
    2. Finished Modules
    3. Ideas for Modules

Mozile Modules

What is a Mozile Module?

A Mozile Module is a collection of JavaScripts and other tools which extends the functionality of the Mozile Core. Just about everything in Mozile is implemented as a module, in order to make development cleaner, and also to allo the maximum flexibility for Mozile deployments.

Finished Modules

The following modules are complete and included with Mozile 0.7:

Finished Mozile Modules
  • XHTMLBasic Standard XHTML editing tools
  • CopyCutPaste Clipboard functions
  • UndoRedo Undo/Redo features
  • HTTPPost Saving via HTTP Post
  • LocalFile Saving to local filesystem

Ideas for Modules

The following are some module possibilities:

Possible Mozile Modules
  • CSSEdit Advanced editing of CSS styles
  • Debugging Advanced debugging tools, mainly for developers
  • FormEdit Advanced editing HTML forms
  • ImageEdit Image picking, sizing, and cropping
  • MathEdit MathML editing
  • MES Mozile Editing Scheme support
  • RNGValidation Validation against RelaxNG schemas
  • ShowTags Show labels on tags
  • SourceEdit Allow editing of document source
  • SpellChecking Allow spell checking
  • TableEdit Allow editing of tables
  • WebDAV Saving via WebDAV
  • XSDValidation Validation against an XML Schema

James A. Overton - - 2006-02-02

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