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Welcome to Mozile, the WYSIWYG XHTML editor for Mozilla! This document includes information for using and developing Mozile. It is a work in progress, and we welcome suggestions and contributions.


  1. Mozile Documentation - A General Introduction to Mozile
  2. Mozile Development - Notes on the Development of Mozile
    1. JavaScript - JavaScript resources
    2. DOM - Document Object Model resources
    3. XUL - Extensible User-Interface Language resources
    4. XBL - Extensible Binding Language resources
    5. JSDoc - JSDoc documentation resources
    6. JsUnit - JsUnit testing framework resources
  3. Mozile Design - An explanation of the design of Mozile
    1. Mozile Usage - A description of how Mozile is used (behaviour specification)
    2. Mozile Core - A description of the Mozile Core code
    3. Mozile Modules - A description of the Mozile Modules
    4. Mozile Server-Side - A description of the Mozile Server-Side code
    5. Mozile Extension - A description of the Mozile Extension code

(All Documentation in a Single File)


  1. JsUnit
    1. About JsUnit
    2. JsUnit and Mozile
    3. JsUnit Resources


About JsUnit

JsUnit is a JavaScript testing framework in the XUnit family.

JsUnit and Mozile

Ideally, every non-trivial function in Mozile should have at least one JsUnit test. This would allow the automated testing of Mozile code for bugs.

Right now there are tests for every class in Mozile, but not all methods are tested. We would like to have better unit test coverage.

We would also like to add functional tests which check Mozile as a whole by simulating user interaction. Currently there are none.

JsUnit Resources

James A. Overton - - 2006-02-02

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